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Bra Straps| Straps For Bras Are An Issue For ALL WOMEN!

Even Britney has trouble concealing her bra straps! Though she does seem to be a big repeating offender, she’s only human! The truth is we all love spaghetti straps and other great styles which leave a major bra strap issue. It’s such a pain to wear a strapless bra and there isn’t always time to shop for the perfect bra with the perfect matching straps for every outfit. Women are busy! Even if we have “the perfect bra,” that doesn’t mean we have the time to search for it as we rush to get ready to get out the door. So, just like Spears, we often end up throwing ourselves together and moving on with life!
I wish I could send her Exposed Envy Decorative Bra Straps, she’d have the quick, attractive and functional solution she needs and Exposed Envy could take the credit. Talk about a win-win! I don’t suppose anyone has her contact info?
It’s so easy once you have a nice collection of bra straps to choose from. Slipping a decorative bra strap onto a convertible bra only takes a few seconds. Once you get a couple compliments, it becomes an addiction! I wear them constantly and I always receive comments and questions. When I wear the casual printed straps with a tank or sundress, women want to know where I got my bra. It never occurs to them they are removable bra straps, they think I actually found a bra with adorable pink flowered straps. I’m a shopper and I admit it, but even I’m not interested in scouring the planet for a bra to match each shoulder revealing garment I own!

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