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Exposed Envy Review on Required2beInspired

I can’t even remember how I found required2beinspired, a fashion blog ran by Natasha in British Columbia. Natasha is not only beautiful with a wicked fashion sense, but she also manages to publish a tasteful and stylish blog while caring for her home, husband and new baby.  What attracted me to her blog was the authenticity of it. I mean, I think this is what blogging really is. It’s not about bashing celebrities or copying them for that matter. It’s not about sharing rage or being  one. No, instead it’s about women and inspired by one. Women, mothers, wives….and yes…..fashion slaves! But I have to say, if this young inspiration from up north gets any cuter…I’m gonna get on the first plane and steal those boots (only because I can’t steal her waistline!)

Check out Natasha’s post about Exposed Envy and more adorable pics! She’s also hosting a giveaway!


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