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Silver Bra Strap Added to Metal Collection!

Silver bra straps

Silver bra Straps

Hoop detailed silver bra strap

Silver Bra Straps

Silver Hoop Bra Straps

are so versatile that we just added another great style! As always, these are so much prettier than clear bra straps or plain worn straps that don’t match!

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Colored Bra Straps Replace Clear Bra Straps

bra strap

Orange sparkle bra strap

Clear bra straps are no longer necessary, thanks to St. Louis based company Exposed Envy Bra Accessories. Though clear bra straps have been around for years, it is not because they are a preferred solution or fashion statement. Women state the only reason they even consider them is because there is no better alternative. They are clear in an attempt to be invisible, which is hardly the case. In addition, women complain they are tacky and uncomfortable as they not only stick to the skin in the heat, but then show sweat and wear through the clear vinyl-like material. With that being the case, they are still sold on the internet and many department stores for one reason only, women simply haven’t found a better solution. Not until now.
Exposed Envy Bra Accessories realized every girl has the need for bra straps, it has been and will always be the case. Strapless bras are uncomfortable and really don’t work. Woman complain of them falling all time, which makes sense because there are no bra straps holding it up! A bra just isn’t a bra without straps since the purpose is to provide support. Convertible bras are better but they just come with one set of straps. In addition to the bra straps not matching different tops and outfits, they also wear and become unsightly. This is when woman turn to clear bra straps, a very tacky solution to say the least.
Exposed Envy is an online store offering well over 100 styles of removable decorative bra straps. There are rhinestone bra straps, beaded straps, colored straps and so much more. Whether the customer needs a simple silver chain strap or a cute daisy printed bra strap to match a casual tank top, there are decorative bra straps for every occasion. The straps attach to any strapless bra or convertible bra and are all fully adjustable. With so many styles and colors to choose from, clear bra straps really are a thing of the past. The site is easy to navigate with tabs which help sort the straps by both color and style. There are multiple images of each set of straps and matching bracelets for many of the sets, making it easy for women to tie the straps into their other accessories. With so many to shop, bra straps are no longer an “accident” or something women need to try and hide. Instead, they
Exposed Envy Bra Accessories is always adding new styles as more and more women discover these stylish alternatives to clear bra straps or plain bra straps that don’t match and look dirty and worn with time. The site is always growing and looking for ways to expand it’s product line and make bra straps easy to wear and match with different styles and outfits.
Exposed Envy also continues it’s efforts to give back and support the community. To they end, the company is partnered with charities and dedicated to giving a percentage of sales to a good cause.

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Beaded Bra Straps by Exposed Envy

Fall is here with it comes warm, rich chocolate colors. Last night I went to dinner and couldn’t help noticing the abundance of brown tones. I personally love fall. Although my favorite is white all summer, I love latte and chocolate shades the Fall always invites. The changing of the leaves, the cooling of the air and the breeze forcing dry leaves to the ground, it just makes ya wanna put a light a pumpkin scented candle and sprinkle cinnamon in your coffee. Take these classic October shades, mix them with cremes and oranges…..what a a lovely palette. Exposed Envy fortunately has decorative bra straps for every season!
My favorite brown bra strap is the beaded bra strap. It’s made of round pearled beads, strung together with silver twine and textured silver. I love this design so much I manufactured it in 7 colors. I love them all, but I’ve been wearing the brown beaded bra straps a great deal. This really is one of my favorite decorative bra straps! It’s fall and I’m enjoying it!
Beaded Bra StrapBeaded Bra StrapBeaded Bra StrapBeaded Bra Strap

beaded bra strap

decorative bra straps[/caption="359" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-191" />

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