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Silver Bra Strap Added to Metal Collection!

Silver bra straps

Silver bra Straps

Hoop detailed silver bra strap

Silver Bra Straps

Silver Hoop Bra Straps

are so versatile that we just added another great style! As always, these are so much prettier than clear bra straps or plain worn straps that don’t match!

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Bra Straps or No Bra Straps- That is the Dilemma

Below is an article written and posted on BraLa Mode. Here is the link to the actual article

Intimate Insight: Bra Straps or No Bra Straps – That is the Dilemma… by Enid


Decorative Beaded Bra Straps from ExposedEnvy.com
Valentine’s Day is coming up and for some of you that might mean dressing up for a night out with your guy. For me, it means paying a $20 cover charge to go to an overcrowded bar in Beverly Hills with some of my single friends where the majority of the guys will be looking for someone a bit more model-like but, after a few drinks and a few strike outs, they will start thinking that perhaps the big breasted curvy gal might be desperate enough to put out. Of course being that the drinks are so over-priced, I will not be nearly drunk enough to actually consider their offer and they’ll do the sour grapes thing, and my friends and I will laugh about it.

The one thing in common in both scenarios is that we are trying to dress to impress and, as always, part of that perfect outfit involves a bra. And if you live in LA where the temperatures are a bit more moderate (as I write this in February, the temperature is in the mid 70’s), your outfit may include something strapless or off the shoulder. And if you are blessed with a larger cup size, the question becomes do I wear a strapless bra or stick with the straps?

Gravity is not your friend when your cup runneth over and though it’s the band that holds your girls up and not the straps, the straps can often seem to make the difference between wearing a bra and wearing a bra as a belt. For years I’ve avoided strapless outfits of any kind because invariably the strapless bra would end up around my hips at some point, especially if any kind of dancing was involved.

At the same time, wearing a regular bra also wouldn’t do. While I’ve seen plenty of women baring their straps without a qualm, given that the straps on large cup sizes tend to be more utilitarian than decorative, for me doing so was out of the question. And then two great things happened: I Googled and I went to New York.

Enid at Bra La Mode’s Debut Intimate Affair
At the end of January, I flew to New York for Bra La Mode’s Debut Intimate Affair at Bra*Tenders. Moira was bound and determined to have them fit me for some new bras so as the event drew to a close, Cristal took me into one of the fitting rooms and brought me several different styles and brands to try out. The first discovery is that as I have been slowly losing weight, so have my breasts. I’m now down to a 38F/38G depending on the style and brand of bra.

I love the Fantasie brand bras and ended up with this lovely black strapless (Style # FL4530.) It’s a snug fit, but I could jump on a trampoline wearing it and it’d still stay put. The one thing that amazed everyone was the support. I came out of the dressing room wearing a cami over it and people thought I was wearing a push-up of some sort and no one believed it was a strapless. (Seriously, people came in the dressing room so they could see the actual bra on me.)

Also prior to my visit to New York, I had also received the Va Bien Ultra-Lift Strapless Convertible which also has great staying power. I have a friend who wears this brand and swears by it. The only thing to be aware of is that the cup sizes can run large so be sure to try it on before you buy. I ordered it in my old size and it ended up being a bit big for me so I’ll be getting myself a new one because it’s a great bra.

Of course, even with a good fitting strapless, sometimes it’s just nice to have those straps either as a back up just in case or, as I’ve recently discovered, as another type of accessory. A friend of mine used to order these beaded bra straps to wear with her lacy tank tops in the summer. Interested in trying them out for myself, I Googled “beaded bra straps” and found ExposedEnvy.com.

Exposed Envy sells decorative bra straps of all sorts – beads, rhinestones, fabric, gems and even just metal. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry as my skin tends to react badly to the metal in chain necklaces or earrings, so I liked the idea of being able to wear something shiny and pretty that wouldn’t cause me to break out in a rash.

If you saw the pictures from the Intimate Affair, you’ll have seen me wearing an off the shoulder number with some straps made of red roses on dark silver. When I first saw them on the website, I just had to have them and they were as beautiful in person as on the website. I got a lot of compliments about them and found that they were comfortable to wear. The straps themselves are easy to fit as there is a little clasp in the back that you can use to adjust the length of the strap. I just put them on backwards the first time to get them adjusted and then I was all set to go.

At work I tried a set of beaded straps for a scoop-neck shirt that had a tendency to stretch out and become an off the shoulder number as the day went on. The beads were nice and flat so I didn’t have anything digging into my shoulder and they looked really nice so that instead of constantly pulling up my shirt to cover my bra strap, I could just focus on work and let a little strap show.

Gemstone Straps and Matching Bracelet
Exposed Envy also has matching bracelets for many of their straps. I ordered a lovely blue rhinestone set of straps which came with a matching bracelet and I can’t wait to wear them out to that Valentine’s party next weekend.

Each set of straps comes in it’s own green cloth bag which makes for easy storage since they won’t become jumbled with the other straps. And Kelly Carroll, the owner and designer, adds her own personal touch. When I made my second order and made a comment on the order form, I found a lovely handwritten note from her in reply on my receipt. I will definitely be shopping her site again.



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Clear Bra Straps Are OUT!!!

Lately I have received several emails from customers thanking me for an alternative to clear bra straps. With the weather already getting warmer in many places, tank tops and sun dresses are an essential! Although it’s still too cold here at home for such warm weather fashions, I can certainly appreciate  all the great straps  we offer for casual wear. I agree, clear bra straps are so horrible…..and uncomfortable! The gem line, fabric sparkle line and printed line are all suitable alternatives for casual outfits and can even add some color and style to your look. I promise to keep them all in stock :)
clear bra strapsclear bra straps

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New Bra Strap!!

We just added a new bra strap to our already brilliant variety! Seriously, this is an awesome strap that goes with EVERYTHING!!! It’s a fully adjustable black strap with a rhinestone insert, making it so comfortable and yet sparkly as ever! The black accents in the center of the rhinestone create a great contrast for a really noticeable statement! I wore these out to dinner with friends last week and was asked 3 times about them, confirming I made a great decision to add this strap! For $13.00 it’s a steal too! If this doesn’t become every gals best friend I just don’t know how else to help!

bra strap

New Fabric Rhinestone Bra Strap

bra strap

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Madonna Exposed Bra Straps, Keeping Up With The Trend

I’ve seen several publicity shots of Madonna wearing a sexy top, bra straps and all. But this cover of Vanity Fair makes it official, women of all ages are making it fashionably acceptable to just let them show! Notice though…they match her top! This is definitely the key here ladies! Yes, it’s OK to stop fighting it and expose your bra straps. But an order to keep it appropiate and stylish, we must be sure the straps are clean first of all…and that they match our clothing. Otherwise, it’s just tacky!
Although, I’m not sure a black colored bra strap from Exposed Envy’s sparkling line, or black rhinestone bra straps wouldn’t look even better.

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Bra Straps by Exposed Envy at Rita Reviews

Exposed Envy bra straps and bra accessories are very popular review and contest giveaway items. Our latest review can be found at an adorable site called Rita Reviews.  Here is a wonderful post from her blog, sharing some initial thoughts for 2011…

As 2010 comes to an end today I realize just how bright 2011 looks. This year for me has been full of ups and downs. I started this blog this year and it has taken off beautifully thanks to all of you wonderful readers. I also made so many new friends this year that feel truly blessed. My children have thrived and I am on the road to discovering God.

…in my opinion this is a blog worth reading!

Links to giveaways:



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I’m in love!

One of my goals is to blog more. Not just more though, but also about more things than just bra straps. I mean, They’re great and all but I love everything about fashion and fashion trends! Additionally, I come across so much since I am on the internet inside fashion sites, on other blogs so often and constantly reading what’s up in the industry.
So while doing all that, I came across these amazing pumps! I have to say I’m loving the shoes this year. These little treasures were part of New York Fashion Week 2010. So many of the shoes at fashion week 2010 year were completely outrageous! Yes, they were artistic and creative, but at the end of the day they just won’t hit the streets….and they’re really not meant to. However, these Valentino’s managed to submit themselves in the outrageous category, and unlike most, these will sell! It’s no secret lace is big for 2010/2011. I’m not sure how long it will stick, I personally think we see it now, but will be seeing through it shortly. But as for these shoes……I want to wear them every day for ever and ever!
What bra straps would go with these? Any of the black rhinestone straps would work well and I think the perfectly pearl straps for the cream pair.

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Bra Strap and Fashion Can Be Taken Too Far!

Bra straps exposed
Ok, obviously I support the final acceptance of exposed bra straps. I mean, we have to wear a bra and the straps are extremely crucial to the concept. However, is this really sexy? . Last I checked we hadn’t yet reached the point where going out in just a bra was high fashion. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this though so maybe I need to check more often. Perhaps I’m just out of touch. This is however more press confirming that bra’s are not the fashion faux pas they have always been.
My opinion stands though. I think it’s great that we can stop fighting our bra straps with strapless bras all the time. A bra is a reality for every woman. But let’s try and keep it classy. The fact that the outfit in this pic of Tila Tequila (I’m not even really sure who this is) seems as though it was actually designed to have the entire bra exposed is a little scary! But to each their own, I’m not the fashion police by any means. Is this really any more revealing than a low cut halter top? I guess not, but it still looks like a bit much to me.

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Bra Straps|Is It OK To Let Them Show?

exposed bra straps

Bra Straps, Is It OK To Let Them Show?

Staying tuned into the latest styles/trends is a challenge. Some we love and can’t get enough of, others we just don’t like, and a few we’ll never understand. Currently, a highly debated fashion practice for women is bra straps. Is it acceptable to let them show? I’m going to take many by surprise by relying, “Yes, it’s absolutely OK to let them show!” Now, before I get too many traditionalists upset, allow me to explain. Ladies, the straps are kinda important! Wasn’t it Newton who said things tend to fall downward?
No really, I started wondering about the history of the bra, referred to as brassieres until the middle 1900’s. Interestingly, its evolution is inextricably intertwined with the social history and status of women, having much to do with the progression of fashion and views of the body.
Prior to the 1500’s many ancient civilizations left breasts exposed. It was during the Renaissance period that corsets gained great popularity, lasting through the 1800’s. An emphasis on unrealistic waist sizes and perky breasts emerged. So much that upper class women gave their babies to nurse maids, as breastfeeding was considered “stressful to the female figure”.
Ultimately, the first evolution of the bra arrived when health professionals grew concerned with the cruelly constraining affects of the corset. In addition, the feminists clothing reform movement helped free women, insisting we needed comfort and support as we took an active role in society.
Bare with me as I’m getting to the point, this really does have everything to do with bra straps! Herminie Cadolle of France invented the first modern bra. Her description to the patent office read, “Designed to sustain the bosom and supported by shoulders.” Advertising for the new “brassiere” stressed advantages of bras over corsets, portraying the new garments with “shoulder supports.” I believe today we call these bra straps!
Well, clothing kept trending. Though the bra and its straps were dearly embraced, fashion loves skin. Styles have become more revealing, and so was born the strapless bra. Shoulder revealing trends include strapless, spaghetti straps, off the shoulder, one shoulder, cold shoulder, tube tops, tank tops, the list goes on. There’s one thing on which men and women agree, lady’s’ shoulders are sexy! So fashion giveth us bra straps, and then taketh away.
Here’s a question. How many women actually find a strapless bra that truly offers lift and shape, or even stays in place? I guess in order to flirt with a naked shoulder, women must suffer the effects of gravity, repeatedly and publicly adjusting ourselves. Myself and most women I’ve asked buy strapless bras a size smaller. Personally, I purchase a 32 when I really wear a 34. Although uncomfortable, I’m hoping is it will hold in place. Isn’t this starting to sound like the corset, are we moving backwards?
The shelf bra was a kind invention, but it too offers little lift and shape. And have you noticed the last year or so you can hardly find them? They seem to have lost popularity around the time straps starting popping up (and out) everywhere, which I believe is the second evolution of the bra. The first was when women were freed from corsetry. Now, over 100 years later, women are finally permitted to expose the essential function that is the bra strap.
As relieving as the grant to flash both shoulder and bra strap may be, it presents another issue. Where can we find bras with attractive straps? There is a place and all you need is a convertible bra (or convert your existing bra? Exposed Envy Bra Straps is an online store offering over 100 styles of designer bra straps. The idea is simple. Women get much needed while preserving fashion sense. Olympia Dukakas said it best in Steele Magnolia’s, “The only thing separating us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.”
I hope I’ve made some a little more comfortable with the great bra strap debate. My wish is to give my fellow females the solution they’ve needed to keep up with fashion, and the presentation they desire to keep their dignity. The beauty and class of elegant bra straps is just another “perk.”

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Decorative Bra Straps|Great Wedding Accessory at Recent Wedding Show

As mentioned, Exposed Envy exhibited at a wedding show this past Sunday. With hundreds of brides, their mother’s and all the bridesmaids, there was a lot going on! It was funny because their was the occasional groom, walking behind his lovely bride-to-be, holding the bad of whatever she gathered, nodding and fantasizing about the football Sunday football!

We had 3 mannequins to the right of the booth in dresses. This one shopper was so curious to see how the bra strap actually attached to the bra. She pulled at the dress until she could look down it and handle the bra, I swear I thought it was going to fall right over, most likely onto the other 2 mannequins like a domino effect! There was alcohol served at this show so who knows!

It was great to offer a solution to women wondering how in the world they were going to keep their dress and bra in place all night! I was surprised at how many mother’s of the bride were equally excited about our bra straps. Though I don’t know why since it makes as much sense as anything. Over all it was a great show and I am sure we will participate in more. We also made contact with many bridal boutiques whom are very excited to carry Exposed Envy Bra Strap and Accessories. This is a great opportunity to make their customers happy and sell them something they can really use!

Exposed Envy Decorative Bra Straps and Accessories

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