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New Bra Strap!!

We just added a new bra strap to our already brilliant variety! Seriously, this is an awesome strap that goes with EVERYTHING!!! It’s a fully adjustable black strap with a rhinestone insert, making it so comfortable and yet sparkly as ever! The black accents in the center of the rhinestone create a great contrast for a really noticeable statement! I wore these out to dinner with friends last week and was asked 3 times about them, confirming I made a great decision to add this strap! For $13.00 it’s a steal too! If this doesn’t become every gals best friend I just don’t know how else to help!

bra strap

New Fabric Rhinestone Bra Strap

bra strap

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Exposed Envy Review on Required2beInspired

I can’t even remember how I found required2beinspired, a fashion blog ran by Natasha in British Columbia. Natasha is not only beautiful with a wicked fashion sense, but she also manages to publish a tasteful and stylish blog while caring for her home, husband and new baby.  What attracted me to her blog was the authenticity of it. I mean, I think this is what blogging really is. It’s not about bashing celebrities or copying them for that matter. It’s not about sharing rage or being  one. No, instead it’s about women and inspired by one. Women, mothers, wives….and yes…..fashion slaves! But I have to say, if this young inspiration from up north gets any cuter…I’m gonna get on the first plane and steal those boots (only because I can’t steal her waistline!)

Check out Natasha’s post about Exposed Envy and more adorable pics! She’s also hosting a giveaway!

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Decorative Removable Straps For Bras Are So Much More Affordable!!

Decorative Removable Bra Straps
As always, I’m always surfing the net looking for different bras and other accessories relative to Exposed Envy. I came across this bra on a site offering hundreds of bras and bra accessories. I think this bra is awesome since it’s a multi-way, making it more versatile. But what I find most interesting about it is it’s clear the designer is making an effort to offer designer bra straps. The delicate pink daisies are simply adorable! But here’s the catch, if you want to add this little number to your fashionable options, you better be prepared to spend $140.00 plus shipping! The funny thing is, women will actually pay that to have better options than strapless bras and plain bra straps. I wish I could have a re-direct as soon as shoppers click on this bra….sending them to Exposed Envy and all our affordable decorative bra straps! The pink daisies on this one are pretty darn cute, but it just makes so much more sense to invest in removable straps you can wear with all your strapless bras and convertible bras! I like finding stuff like this though because it tells me we’re not the only one’s trying to make fashionable solutions for women that are not only functional, but pretty too!

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Bra Straps|Is It OK To Let Them Show?

exposed bra straps

Bra Straps, Is It OK To Let Them Show?

Staying tuned into the latest styles/trends is a challenge. Some we love and can’t get enough of, others we just don’t like, and a few we’ll never understand. Currently, a highly debated fashion practice for women is bra straps. Is it acceptable to let them show? I’m going to take many by surprise by relying, “Yes, it’s absolutely OK to let them show!” Now, before I get too many traditionalists upset, allow me to explain. Ladies, the straps are kinda important! Wasn’t it Newton who said things tend to fall downward?
No really, I started wondering about the history of the bra, referred to as brassieres until the middle 1900’s. Interestingly, its evolution is inextricably intertwined with the social history and status of women, having much to do with the progression of fashion and views of the body.
Prior to the 1500’s many ancient civilizations left breasts exposed. It was during the Renaissance period that corsets gained great popularity, lasting through the 1800’s. An emphasis on unrealistic waist sizes and perky breasts emerged. So much that upper class women gave their babies to nurse maids, as breastfeeding was considered “stressful to the female figure”.
Ultimately, the first evolution of the bra arrived when health professionals grew concerned with the cruelly constraining affects of the corset. In addition, the feminists clothing reform movement helped free women, insisting we needed comfort and support as we took an active role in society.
Bare with me as I’m getting to the point, this really does have everything to do with bra straps! Herminie Cadolle of France invented the first modern bra. Her description to the patent office read, “Designed to sustain the bosom and supported by shoulders.” Advertising for the new “brassiere” stressed advantages of bras over corsets, portraying the new garments with “shoulder supports.” I believe today we call these bra straps!
Well, clothing kept trending. Though the bra and its straps were dearly embraced, fashion loves skin. Styles have become more revealing, and so was born the strapless bra. Shoulder revealing trends include strapless, spaghetti straps, off the shoulder, one shoulder, cold shoulder, tube tops, tank tops, the list goes on. There’s one thing on which men and women agree, lady’s’ shoulders are sexy! So fashion giveth us bra straps, and then taketh away.
Here’s a question. How many women actually find a strapless bra that truly offers lift and shape, or even stays in place? I guess in order to flirt with a naked shoulder, women must suffer the effects of gravity, repeatedly and publicly adjusting ourselves. Myself and most women I’ve asked buy strapless bras a size smaller. Personally, I purchase a 32 when I really wear a 34. Although uncomfortable, I’m hoping is it will hold in place. Isn’t this starting to sound like the corset, are we moving backwards?
The shelf bra was a kind invention, but it too offers little lift and shape. And have you noticed the last year or so you can hardly find them? They seem to have lost popularity around the time straps starting popping up (and out) everywhere, which I believe is the second evolution of the bra. The first was when women were freed from corsetry. Now, over 100 years later, women are finally permitted to expose the essential function that is the bra strap.
As relieving as the grant to flash both shoulder and bra strap may be, it presents another issue. Where can we find bras with attractive straps? There is a place and all you need is a convertible bra (or convert your existing bra? Exposed Envy Bra Straps is an online store offering over 100 styles of designer bra straps. The idea is simple. Women get much needed while preserving fashion sense. Olympia Dukakas said it best in Steele Magnolia’s, “The only thing separating us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.”
I hope I’ve made some a little more comfortable with the great bra strap debate. My wish is to give my fellow females the solution they’ve needed to keep up with fashion, and the presentation they desire to keep their dignity. The beauty and class of elegant bra straps is just another “perk.”

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Decorative Bra Straps|Great Wedding Accessory at Recent Wedding Show

As mentioned, Exposed Envy exhibited at a wedding show this past Sunday. With hundreds of brides, their mother’s and all the bridesmaids, there was a lot going on! It was funny because their was the occasional groom, walking behind his lovely bride-to-be, holding the bad of whatever she gathered, nodding and fantasizing about the football Sunday football!

We had 3 mannequins to the right of the booth in dresses. This one shopper was so curious to see how the bra strap actually attached to the bra. She pulled at the dress until she could look down it and handle the bra, I swear I thought it was going to fall right over, most likely onto the other 2 mannequins like a domino effect! There was alcohol served at this show so who knows!

It was great to offer a solution to women wondering how in the world they were going to keep their dress and bra in place all night! I was surprised at how many mother’s of the bride were equally excited about our bra straps. Though I don’t know why since it makes as much sense as anything. Over all it was a great show and I am sure we will participate in more. We also made contact with many bridal boutiques whom are very excited to carry Exposed Envy Bra Strap and Accessories. This is a great opportunity to make their customers happy and sell them something they can really use!

Exposed Envy Decorative Bra Straps and Accessories

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Clear Bra Straps|Decorative Bra Straps by Exposed Envy

Though there are so many styles of clear bra straps, there are also dozens of alternative decorative and designer bra straps which are an even better option!
This past Sunday I exhibited at a bridal show and it was a ton of fun! Naturally, everyone was happy to be there and buzzing around like little girls in shoe stores. Many had their mothers and bridesmaids with them, all giggly and full of hope. It really was neat.

Decorative bra strapsExposed Envy alternative to clear bra straps

It also turned out to be a great place for decorative bra straps and Exposed Envy! I personally saw the relief in the eyes of more than one bridesmaid!There she was, supporting her dear friend as the wedding was planned,but dreading the dress the whole time. I had one girl just look at me and say, “thank you, I don’t have a bra that fits me right and I haven’t been able to find one anywhere. I’m sure I’ll have no problem now that I know I can attach straps, it’s the strapless part that was killing me!” Another girl told me she was planning to wear clear bra straps, I thought the ‘bride-to-be’ was going to slaughter her right there. It was actually really funny!

Which brings me to my thought today. WHY are any of of us even considering clear bra straps? When you’ve resorted to a strip of vinyl to hold your breasts in place, it’s seriously time to look for a fashion alternative! I know women buy them because they are still all over the market. Clear bra straps are still found in way too many places! Stop the madness! Think Fashion!! Several other sites sell printed vinyl straps, I can’t stand these either. I realize they’re mostly carrying these because the mark-up is sick. They’re buying the clear straps for pennies, literally pennies! Why? BECAUSE THEY”RE CHEAP!!! I purposefully haven’t included any clear bra straps or printed clear bra straps in Exposed Envy’s product offering, even though the margins are the best. There is nothing cheap being offered by Exposed Envy, everything is the highest quality and it will be kept that way, this is my promise to you. So I beg you, if you own a pair of clear bra straps because you hadn’t yet discovered Exposed Envy, toss them! I would tell you to burn them, but I they’re toxic and would smell :)

Another Exposed Envy casual alternative to clear bra straps!

Another Exposed Envy casual alternative to clear bra straps!

Another Exposed Envy alternative to clear bra straps!

Another Exposed Envy alternative to clear bra straps!

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Bra Straps| Straps For Bras Are An Issue For ALL WOMEN!

Even Britney has trouble concealing her bra straps! Though she does seem to be a big repeating offender, she’s only human! The truth is we all love spaghetti straps and other great styles which leave a major bra strap issue. It’s such a pain to wear a strapless bra and there isn’t always time to shop for the perfect bra with the perfect matching straps for every outfit. Women are busy! Even if we have “the perfect bra,” that doesn’t mean we have the time to search for it as we rush to get ready to get out the door. So, just like Spears, we often end up throwing ourselves together and moving on with life!
I wish I could send her Exposed Envy Decorative Bra Straps, she’d have the quick, attractive and functional solution she needs and Exposed Envy could take the credit. Talk about a win-win! I don’t suppose anyone has her contact info?
It’s so easy once you have a nice collection of bra straps to choose from. Slipping a decorative bra strap onto a convertible bra only takes a few seconds. Once you get a couple compliments, it becomes an addiction! I wear them constantly and I always receive comments and questions. When I wear the casual printed straps with a tank or sundress, women want to know where I got my bra. It never occurs to them they are removable bra straps, they think I actually found a bra with adorable pink flowered straps. I’m a shopper and I admit it, but even I’m not interested in scouring the planet for a bra to match each shoulder revealing garment I own!

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Decorative Bra Straps|Exposed Envy Now Available at TJFormal.com

TJ Formal is one of the largest online stores for wedding, occasion and formal wear. With an average of 10,000 daily visitors to their site and a 13,000 square foot store, they are undoubtedly a leader in their industry. Exposed Envy Designer Bra Straps and Accessories is excited to be included in the extensive line of jewelry and accessories they currently offer. This seems like a natural match for both of us. With the thousands of strapless, off the shoulder, one shoulder and wide neck styles on TJFormals site, it just makes sense to add Exposed Envy’s line of straps as the perfect addition to their dresses, and a great solution for their customers!bra strap with matching bracelet

rhinestone bra straps

Light Amethyst and Silver Chain Rhinestone Bra Strap


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Bra Straps| Exposed Envy Bra Straps are Great for Homecoming Styles!

Homecoming is around the corner! There’s no need to wrestle with a strapless bra, wear the dress you fall in love with regardless of the design! There are many shoppers coming to Exposed Envy simply because they need this bra strap solution! No gal wants to pull their dress into place all evening, with designer bra straps there is one less thing to worry about! Attached decorative bra straps to your bra, they are so beautiful they become part of the dress. Beautiful rhinestone bra straps, beaded bra straps, there are so many elegant choices. There really is no need to wrestle with a strapless bra or struggle with your dress falling…just choose a stylish pair of Exposed Envy bra straps and enjoy the evening!
There are so many ways for a girl to spend her homecoming, make your bra straps the last thing on your mind!

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Designer Bra Straps|Exposed Envy Featured on FOX

Exposed Envy was featured on FOX2 News. Other than the fact I was a mess of nerves, it went very well! The product really looked great andTim Ezel made it fun! He started out by saying, “Victoria Secret is not a secret anymore, underwear has become the new outerwear!” I thought that was pretty clever. Since I had no idea what to expect, it was a real learning experience. They give you no warning, no script….NOTHING! The neatest thing was the orders which came through as a result,

Getting ready, I've never dressed a mannequin in my life!

Kelly Carroll and Tim Ezel

and the personal messages attached to many of them. I really appreciate the positive feedback from all my new customers, thank you so much for your support. It’s nice to introduce removable bra straps to so many of you and allow you to express your personal style with out the stress of what in the world you will do about your bra! Yes, Tim is right, bra straps have become the new outerwear, more and more of us are having tasteful and fashionable fun with it…so glad to be a part!
Oh yeah, they already invited me back to do the 11am so I’m sure I will have another great report!

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