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Decorative Bra Straps|Exposed Envy Now Available at TJFormal.com

TJ Formal is one of the largest online stores for wedding, occasion and formal wear. With an average of 10,000 daily visitors to their site and a 13,000 square foot store, they are undoubtedly a leader in their industry. Exposed Envy Designer Bra Straps and Accessories is excited to be included in the extensive line of jewelry and accessories they currently offer. This seems like a natural match for both of us. With the thousands of strapless, off the shoulder, one shoulder and wide neck styles on TJFormals site, it just makes sense to add Exposed Envy’s line of straps as the perfect addition to their dresses, and a great solution for their customers!bra strap with matching bracelet

rhinestone bra straps

Light Amethyst and Silver Chain Rhinestone Bra Strap


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Bra Straps| Exposed Envy Bra Straps are Great for Homecoming Styles!

Homecoming is around the corner! There’s no need to wrestle with a strapless bra, wear the dress you fall in love with regardless of the design! There are many shoppers coming to Exposed Envy simply because they need this bra strap solution! No gal wants to pull their dress into place all evening, with designer bra straps there is one less thing to worry about! Attached decorative bra straps to your bra, they are so beautiful they become part of the dress. Beautiful rhinestone bra straps, beaded bra straps, there are so many elegant choices. There really is no need to wrestle with a strapless bra or struggle with your dress falling…just choose a stylish pair of Exposed Envy bra straps and enjoy the evening!
There are so many ways for a girl to spend her homecoming, make your bra straps the last thing on your mind!

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Bra Straps and Accessories by Exposed Envy on FOX

Exposed Envy designer bra straps and accessories was on Fox again with Angela Hutti. It was better this time since I knew more of what to expect. She was able to relate to the products also so this helped. I say it again, this is such a great solution for women! Every woman in the studio stopped me and had questions about our products and website. I was asked about available colors, are they adjustable, do they fit into any convertible bra, can they be attached to a dress, how did I get into this. One woman wanted to buy the products I had there on the dress forms. It was really cool! Even with summer coming to an end, the market for these is not. Simply because there are so many fall and winter styles which leave us all with the same bra strap dilemma. The exposure for the business has been great and we continue to receive encouragement from the response! Thank you to all our new customers and also to those whom signed up for our newsletter. I will be getting one out to all of you shortly with a promotion code for savings on great Exposed Envy removable bra straps!
I’m posting the video so we can all get a kick out of me learning how to survive these live segments. Tip to Kelly…..always behave as though the camera is on you, even though it seems as though it’s not! Stop throwing your hands around and keep the eyes in their sockets! It’s funny how we exaggerate our expressions and gestures when we’re nervous….at least it’s clear to me now that I do!

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Designer Bra Straps|Exposed Envy Featured on FOX

Exposed Envy was featured on FOX2 News. Other than the fact I was a mess of nerves, it went very well! The product really looked great andTim Ezel made it fun! He started out by saying, “Victoria Secret is not a secret anymore, underwear has become the new outerwear!” I thought that was pretty clever. Since I had no idea what to expect, it was a real learning experience. They give you no warning, no script….NOTHING! The neatest thing was the orders which came through as a result,

Getting ready, I've never dressed a mannequin in my life!

Kelly Carroll and Tim Ezel

and the personal messages attached to many of them. I really appreciate the positive feedback from all my new customers, thank you so much for your support. It’s nice to introduce removable bra straps to so many of you and allow you to express your personal style with out the stress of what in the world you will do about your bra! Yes, Tim is right, bra straps have become the new outerwear, more and more of us are having tasteful and fashionable fun with it…so glad to be a part!
Oh yeah, they already invited me back to do the 11am so I’m sure I will have another great report!

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