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Bra Strap and Fashion Can Be Taken Too Far!

Bra straps exposed
Ok, obviously I support the final acceptance of exposed bra straps. I mean, we have to wear a bra and the straps are extremely crucial to the concept. However, is this really sexy? . Last I checked we hadn’t yet reached the point where going out in just a bra was high fashion. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this though so maybe I need to check more often. Perhaps I’m just out of touch. This is however more press confirming that bra’s are not the fashion faux pas they have always been.
My opinion stands though. I think it’s great that we can stop fighting our bra straps with strapless bras all the time. A bra is a reality for every woman. But let’s try and keep it classy. The fact that the outfit in this pic of Tila Tequila (I’m not even really sure who this is) seems as though it was actually designed to have the entire bra exposed is a little scary! But to each their own, I’m not the fashion police by any means. Is this really any more revealing than a low cut halter top? I guess not, but it still looks like a bit much to me.

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