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Bra Straps? Women Have Needs. Meet Them WIth Style.

For quite some time now bra straps have been popping up (and out) everywhere. The Today’s Show recently took to the streets in search of tacky offenders. Here’s the thing, bra’s are a necessity, and the straps that hold them are quite crucial to the whole concept. If a woman doesn’t wear a bra, that’s tacky. If she wears a bra and let’s the straps show, that’s tacky too. There’s always the third option, a strapless bra. Those aren’t even realistic for some and for the rest of us, they’re uncomfortable to say the least, offering little lift or shape.The answer seems to be in removable bra straps. Since the convertible bra is the most popular style bra, it’s no problem to find a bra with removable straps. The best place to find these straps is Exposed Envy. This site offers a wide range of quality, fully adjustable bra straps. From elegant straps with four rows of brilliant rhinestones (and matching bracelets), to sweet casual fabric straps with a baby blue daisy print. The images on this site do a great job of showing the customer every aspect of the product. And to make your shopping experience even more rewarding, five percent of every purchase over fifty dollars goes to support charity. There is an answer to the bra strap dilemma, and it’s a lot less expensive than shopping for multiple bras with acceptable straps, far more comfortable than a strapless bra, and certainly more socially acceptable than going braless. Go ahead and buy cold shoulder, off the shoulder, one shoulder, tanks, spaghetti straps and strapless styles, there’s a bra strap for you at http://www.exposedenvy.com

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