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I’m in love!

One of my goals is to blog more. Not just more though, but also about more things than just bra straps. I mean, They’re great and all but I love everything about fashion and fashion trends! Additionally, I come across so much since I am on the internet inside fashion sites, on other blogs so often and constantly reading what’s up in the industry.
So while doing all that, I came across these amazing pumps! I have to say I’m loving the shoes this year. These little treasures were part of New York Fashion Week 2010. So many of the shoes at fashion week 2010 year were completely outrageous! Yes, they were artistic and creative, but at the end of the day they just won’t hit the streets….and they’re really not meant to. However, these Valentino’s managed to submit themselves in the outrageous category, and unlike most, these will sell! It’s no secret lace is big for 2010/2011. I’m not sure how long it will stick, I personally think we see it now, but will be seeing through it shortly. But as for these shoes……I want to wear them every day for ever and ever!
What bra straps would go with these? Any of the black rhinestone straps would work well and I think the perfectly pearl straps for the cream pair.

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