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Decorative Bra Straps|Exposed Envy at Salsa Congress St. Louis 2010

The display was organized at the beginning of the show, things really end up shuffled by the end!

OK, I agreed to participate in the St. Louis Salsa Congress because my very good friend Marisha really wanted me to. She’s an amazing dancer (the brunette in the lower left of Exposed Envy’s landing page in pink). I agreed since this is a market I’ve yet to really explore, it didn’t hurt that she agreed to help me all weekend. WOW! Did this group turn out to be a ton of fun! I met so many really great men and women, all very talented and all very cool people. I love individuals with hobbies, interests and different dimensions. I have to say, I met them here. There were school teachers, doctors, college students…..all walks of life that did anything but walk on the dance floor!
The best part? They are also some of the most fashionable! I have never seen such bling. If there’s a place to add rhinestones, they’re on it. Needless to say, Exposed Envy Designer Bra Straps were a huge hit! As always, classy women love the great styles but can’t wear a strapless bra…particularly when dancing. So Exposed Envy offers them the perfect solution…and it came with rhinestones. They couldn’t have been happier! It turned out to be a wonderful experience and everyone benefited. I got to meet some extremely need people and do business. They left their strapless bras in their gym bags, added some rhinestone bra straps to their shoulders and danced the night away! It was fun to see Exposed Envy bra straps sparkle on the shoulders of such talented women!
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