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Decorative Bra Straps|Great Wedding Accessory at Recent Wedding Show

As mentioned, Exposed Envy exhibited at a wedding show this past Sunday. With hundreds of brides, their mother’s and all the bridesmaids, there was a lot going on! It was funny because their was the occasional groom, walking behind his lovely bride-to-be, holding the bad of whatever she gathered, nodding and fantasizing about the football Sunday football!

We had 3 mannequins to the right of the booth in dresses. This one shopper was so curious to see how the bra strap actually attached to the bra. She pulled at the dress until she could look down it and handle the bra, I swear I thought it was going to fall right over, most likely onto the other 2 mannequins like a domino effect! There was alcohol served at this show so who knows!

It was great to offer a solution to women wondering how in the world they were going to keep their dress and bra in place all night! I was surprised at how many mother’s of the bride were equally excited about our bra straps. Though I don’t know why since it makes as much sense as anything. Over all it was a great show and I am sure we will participate in more. We also made contact with many bridal boutiques whom are very excited to carry Exposed Envy Bra Strap and Accessories. This is a great opportunity to make their customers happy and sell them something they can really use!

Exposed Envy Decorative Bra Straps and Accessories

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